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Announcing a New Permanent Cure for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

At-Home Addition Recovery... a permanent, natural solution to an alcohol or drug problem... for much less than the cost of one visit to a therapist.

How can I naturally and permanently get over my cravings for alcohol or drugs?

You can have a great life! End alcohol or drug problems with this at-home recovery program.

How to Permanently and Naturally Cure an Alcohol or Drug Addiction

Just saying "no" doesn't work when it comes to quitting drugs or alcohol... but here is an at-home permanent and natural recovery program that does work by giving you something better to say "yes" to.

Willpower isn't enough! Here is a permanent and natural cure for addictions that takes away the cravings.

Why do those in recovery from 12 steps programs say they are still an alcoholic or addict and never a EX-alcoholic or EX-user? Here's an at-home recovery program that you a natural and permanent cure for a drug or alcohol problem.

Learn how to be conquer addiction from an ex-user who has been alcohol and drug free for over 20 years. This at-home recovery program takes you step-by-step away from substance abuse into a deeply fulfilling life with great purpose.

How to Solve the 3 Main Problems People Have that Make Them Turn to Alcohol and Drugs

How to Permanently End an Alcohol or Drug Addiction (and have a deeply fulfilling life naturally)

Here's Exactly How I Kicked My Alcohol & Drug Addiction 24 years Ago…And How You Can Too!

How to begin a New Life without Addiction starting Today

How to be Drug and Alcohol Free Forever (by an EX alcoholic/addict, no longer a “recovering” one)

How to never again feel a need or desire for alcohol or drugs

How to Get Over Addictions: The Permanent Solution

The Secret To A Happy Life without Drugs or Alcohol

How To Get Over Addiction and Have a Greater Experience without them

Great New Discovery to Get Over Addictions and Begin a New Life

Discovered – an Amazing Way to Get Over Addictions and Begin a great New Life

A New Breakthrough in Eliminating Addictions

Break Free From Addictions

Some straight talk about addictions and your life

Start Your New Life Today without drugs or alcohol addiction… Here's a proven method

The amazing new addiction cure discovered by an EX-alcoholic, drug addict, rock musician (that has kept him drug and alcohol free for 24 years)

What most rehab programs leave out that is essential for your full recovery

How some people get over addiction for good and how you can too

Learn how to permanently end a drug or alcohol problem and have a deeply fulfilling life naturally

Freedom from Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

My problems were overwhelming me and life seemed too hard to bear so I looked for relief from pain in alcohol or drugs…but they brought their own problems… until I discovered how to get the strength I never had before to break free of drugs forever.

A New, Breakthrough Program for Getting Free of Addictions that Really Works

Introducing A New, Natural Way (that took decades to discover) to elevate your Life Experience without alcohol or drugs

The Truth about Alcoholism and Drug Addiction and How to Break Free

Advice To Get Over Addictions that Really Works by an EX-user

How would you like to have a new life without addictions?

At Last... A Way to Break Free of Addictions for Good that Really Works!

Protect yourself from the bad effects of alcohol and drug abuse

Now you can break free from addiction for good

Facts You Need to Get Over Addictions Forever

You won't say “no” to drugs or alcohol unless you have something better to say “yes” to…. Here's the something better that can free you from addiction forever and create a joyful, deeply fulfilling life for you

The greatest life possible awaits you (and it doesn't include using alcohol or drugs)

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Announcing New Permanent and Natural Cure for Addiction</A>

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Banner Ads:

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WILLPOWER IS NOT ENOUGH! Announcing a new at-home Addiction Recovery Program that offers a NATURAL and PERMANENT cure for an alcohol or drug addiction. Based on the premise that you can't expect someone with an addiction to say "no" to alcohol or drugs unless you give them something better to say yes to... this program gives a person something better... and the result is that the desire or cravings for alcohol or drugs completely disappear over time.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Here's a new resource to help you or your loved ones overcome addiction problems. This breakthrough “at-home” Addiction Free Forever Recovery Program offers a NATURAL and PERMANENT CURE for Alcohol or Drug ADDICTION that costs much less than one visit to a therapist. You simply download the program and it takes you step by step to deeply fulfilling new life.

ELIMINATE ADDICTIONS: Learn how to permanently end an alcohol or drug problem and have a deeply fulfilling life naturally! This at-home addiction recovery program takes away the cravings and costs much less than one visit to a therapist.

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Posting To Discussion Groups

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John Smith (substitute your name here)
Addiction Free Forever Self-Help Recovery Program
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John Smith
How to permanently end an alcohol or drug problem:

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Creating A Redirect Page
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* * *

Announcing a New Permanent Cure for Addiction

Dear _________

Is alcohol or drug use badly affecting your life or
someone's life who you care about?

I'm going to tell you about a new at-home recovery
program that offers a permanent, natural cure for an
alcohol or drug addiction

The "Addiction Free Forever" program is available in one
complete downloadable e-book for instant acces that
you work through at your own pace. It takes you step-by-step
from where you are now to a deeply fulfilling life with
a great purpose.

You can begin immediately without having to stop your
addiction first, The program works on the premise that
"willpower is not enough" and that you can't expect someone
to say "no" to drugs, without first giving them something
better to say "yes" to.

That is what this program does... gives a person something
better than drugs or alcohol... and the result is that if the
program is followed as instructed, the desire or cravings for
drugs or alcohol completely disappear over time.

Sound to good to be true? Listen to what others have said
about various elements of this program:

This book 'iced' my cousin, who was heavily into drugs.
He took the book's advice and now he's off of drugs and
happy. I'd like to order 10 more copies."
Constance E., U.S. Dept. of Health, Washington D.C.

"...frank and friendly...sincere and optimistic... not only
concerned with ridding people's lives of drugs, but also with
leading them to a higher state of being and greater fulfillment
as individuals... personal rather than systematically therapeutic
or a 'pop' treatment of a current social concern...touches upon
the important factors of human life---the self, relationships,
mates, and others." Corinne Perry Buck, Small Press Book Review

"Very powerful material. An amazing piece of work by an
amazing man." Scott Fagan, head of the recovery unit at Brotman
Hospital, Founderof BIZRAP (entertainment industry Recovery
Assistance Program), UCLA graduate (Drug Rehabilitation Clinic
Design), leader in AA and CA (Cocaine Anon.)

So you can see from these reviews some of the great value that
people are getting from this program which was developed by
an EX-user who understands addiction and how to resolve it
from the inside out.

For much less than the price of one visit to a therapist, this
recovery program is well worth the investment as it contains
much more information and help than many visits to a therapist
could possibly provide. It's well worth looking into if you or
someone you know is struggling with addiction.


**Your Name**

P.S. For more information on this breakthrough program go to:

* * *

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